Róna Gyurkovics is a Budapest based shoe and accessories designer. She was born and raised in a historical Hungarian town in Northern Serbia. Her childhood and teenage memories are fused with artistic impressions, since her father is an acclaimed painter and her sisters are also part of the creative industry. Rona, herself, has always had the ambition to express her creative ideas and emphasize her artistic thoughts.

Her first encounter with the art of shoemaking happened during her highschool holiday, when she took a summer job at a local shoe factory. Even though she’s been amazed by the idea of shoemaking for a long time, it was only later when she finally decided to make her dream come true. Finishing her very first pair of shoes – in a very d-i-y manner – can be marked as a milestone in her career.

After getting a BA degree in Geography, she decided to follow her intuitions and started to work at the well-known designer, Ana Zaboeva’s company. During this time with her hard-working and passionate attitude she mastered the process of shoemaking.

After this period she established her own brand under name of “Ronna Shoes and Accessories”.The memories of far-eastern adventures, the historical traditions of the western craftsmen, the post-yugoslavian artistic milieu, the backpacker lifestyle, her multicultural point of view, her unbreakable enthusiasm and the constant curiosity about the future are the main motives of the brand.

Ronna Shoes are being created in terms of humour, playfulness and with the purpose of opposing the everyday monotonity of the big city life, but still, supporting the careless chic and the powerwoman lifestyle of the modern woman.Holding in hands, you can feel on every single piece the caring and loving touch, with what it’s made. All products are made of carefully chosen genuine leather, to serve the quality and comfort.