Shoes are strong accessories, let them tell a story about you!


The classical lace up halfshoes are always a good choice. You can combine it with trousers, skirt or dress, it’s always a pretty accessory for everydays and even for elegant appearance or freetime.


The piece of an interesting leather gives a twist to the classical shoes.


True to the promise of the model’s name, the upper part is cut out of one piece of leather and put together with a single stitching to form a shoe that is a well-combined and fine accessory in it’s simplicity. Thanks to the design and brite last, nothing can disturb the delicate points of the foot. It’s a real comfort shoe made of soft Italian leather and a thin elastic high resistance sole.


The simple, yet elegant combination of lines and black-bronze colors fit in any situation. Specifically suitable for a dynamic lifestyle when you don’t have time to think about what fits that day’s outfit, you just want to jump into your well-proven shoes that are so light, comfortable and hold so stable as if they were a coat of paint.

Mary Poppins

With or without an umbrella, this shoe flies you into a fairytale world! It will be a defining piece of your costume that you can easily take on the role of an elegant woman on a festive evening. This model is inspired by the fashion of Victorian times, but conveys timeless values and creates an effect of a noble souled sophisticated woman.


It makes a difference, to have handmade leather shoes, made of genuine leather.